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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Box of Chocolates For Two

I love chocolates (especially the dark ones). Every now and then, I will take one to indulge myself, and it helps to recharge my energy to save the day.

I titled this book "A Box of Chocolates For Two" with the hope that it will 'recharge' your soul as a parent. In this 'box of chocolates' you will find sections specifically addressed for fathers and mothers, according to the strengths and roles of each.

It is an honor to present this book to you and I hope you will enjoy reading it. May this book be the sweet little refreshment that will indulge your spirit and soul.

(The book is available for Pre-Order at Benih.com starting 26 January 2010, and will be released on 22 February* 2010)

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